General Information

Competition Centre (WKZ / CC)

The competition centre will be located at the finish area of the event during the 3 days. Signposting starts from exit 14 of the E42 motorway. (50°17’22.2″N 6°05’54.2″E)


Covid guidelines do not allow us to provide a catering service. Apart from the free finish water, we will not be providing any drinks or snacks. Please bring your own food.

Covid 19

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, special rules apply on the finish area:

  • Masks are compulsory in the entire area
  • Hand disinfection is available at the entrances and exits.
  • There will be no catering, own drinks and snacks can be consumed in compliance with safe distances
  • In case of symptoms of illness, the person concerned must report to the 1st aid tent, where self tests are available.

Club tents

Please bring your club tents

Child care

Due to Covid19 guidelines, we cannot offer childcare. A maze-o will be offered to children and young people each day during competitions

Day entries (Courses SE/SD/LE/LD)

On-site entries are not possible due to Corona regulations. The courses of the day SE, SD, LE and LD do not take part in the ranking of the 3 days.


Insurance is responsibility of the participants. The organizer declines any liability.