Event Description

General Information

competition centre for all races at the same place

The race is held with SportIdent.

The competition area is the same as the 3 days of 2001.


There is a day nursery on each of the 3 days, during which the children are looked after while their parents are running. As places are limited, we ask you to register via the contact form with the subject “Childcare”.

Price giving ceremony

The first three in the overall ranking per category will receive a prize. The times of the 3 stages are added together for the overall ranking.

Program & terrain description

The competition area is located at an altitude between 420 m and 575 m above sea level, the forest consists mostly of conifer plantations and the absence of thorns allows fast running.

Mapper: Freddy Henkes

Friday 21.05: Training

16:00 – 19:00; maps are available at the cc.

Saturday 22.05: Middle Distance

Course plannerChristian Bastin
ControllerMichel Bastin, Thibaut Derenne (ABSO-BVOS), Gilles De Neyer (IOF)
TerrainFor the Eifel typical commercial forests that consist of very runnable high. From southwest to northeast, a flat valley runs through the area. The courses 1 to 4 will cross a small slope in the north part of the area.
StartThere are fixed start times from 1 pm, except for H/D-10

Sunday 23.05: Long Distance

Course plannerMaria Henkes
ControllerDirk Hartmann, Thibaut Derenne (ABSO-BVOS)
MapHinter den Sandgruben – Ost
TerrainFlat, with a dense area of paths, allowing fast running. However, at some places in the high forest, bilberry bushes will slow you down.
In the northern part of this forest, bluestone was extracted by open-cast and underground mining from the 17th until the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the quarries and pits make interesting control sites.
Feel free to visit the underground slate mine of Recht after the race!
StartThere are fixed start times from 10 am, except for H/D-10

Monday 24.05: Long Distance

Course plannerFreddy Henkes
ControllerDirk Hartmann, Thibaut Derenne (ABSO-BVOS)
MapHinter den Sandgruben – West
TerrainVery flat with a small drop in the northwestern part of the area, which is crossed by the stream “Rechterbach”. A long time ago, people searched the “Rechterbach” for gold, creating the knolls, hills and depressions on/in which you will find your controls.
In the western part of the forest, you will have to adjust your pace to the different types of vegetation.
StartChasing start from 8:30 am, except for H/D-10